How Do Lawn Sweepers Work?


A well-manicured lawn is a desire for many homeowners. Your lawn is an extension of your home and says a lot about the person occupying the house.

It is also the place you have barbecues with friends. Your kid’s also find joy playing on well-kept lawns.

If you have a very small space, then a rake will do just fine, but if you do not want to get tired and want to accomplish much within a short time, then the lawn sweeper is the ideal equipment to use.

Some people may opt for leaf blowers, but this can be noisy and environmentally unfriendly.

The lawn sweeper is equipment that has brushes underneath that collect twigs, pine needles or leaves and deposit them to the hopper attached to the sweeper. When you are done sweeping empty your hopper for next use.

A lawn sweeper can either be attached to a tractor, or it can be pushed manually. The type of sweeper that you decide to purchase is dependent on the size of your lawn.

Types of lawn sweepers

The most basic of the sweepers is the push sweeper. This is controlled by hand and is suitable for people who have lawns less than one acre.

When you push the lawn sweeper, power shifts from the rotating wheels to the brushing mechanism. Through the brush, gearing system debris are located and deposited to the hopper.

Powered lawn sweepers use gasoline or electric motors to drive the gear system. These are ideal for someone who has a large lawn.

The last type is the tow lawn sweepers. You will need an ATV or tractor to push the lawn sweeper; the tow sweepers are large and are suitable for large lawns.

The tow lawn sweepers have larger widths to handle large surface areas. Most have widths of more than 40 inches while the push sweepers have less than 21 inches.

The size of the hopper determines how much time you spend emptying leaves. The larger the hopper, the more efficient you spend your time emptying the hopper; push sweepers have larger hoppers than push sweepers.

Once you have your sweeper in place, it is essential that you check the brushes and gears for maintenance. After every use, check the sweeper for any broken parts. Lubricate movable joints regularly.

You should check for additional features like the ability to adjust the height of the brushes. Some of the best lawn sweepers enable you to adjust the brushes height depending on the type of debris.

Also, check for a lawn sweeper with an extended warranty. Lawn sweepers are susceptible to broken parts, and it is important that you factor in the availability of spare parts.

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The main types of lawn sweepers in the market are the push and tow sweepers. Your decision to purchase either will depend on your budget and size of lawn.

Lawn sweepers work by power been transferred from the wheels to the gear system in the brushes. The brushes collect twigs, leaves or pine needles and transport them to the hopper; when you are done sweeping simply empty the hopper for next usage.


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